PBL4: Brand Identity and Image

Problem : How to manage brand identity

1. What is the interrelation between brand identity and brand image?


The diagram above shows what the difference between brand identity and brand image is exactly.
Simply put, brand identity comes from corporation, whereas brand image is in relation to customers.

2. When and how to re-brand? ­

2.1. risks and challenges? ­

– Launch out loud.

When companies try to innovate their brand identity, they must publicize their change. Otherwise, you can be the same as Gap did. They did not warned their rebranding before and customers got confused. Launching out loud is also good chance to look back on your past and celebrate. By reminding how your own path was and what it would be, you can give your customers opportunity to get validity of change and time to adapt.

– Understand the big picture.

Rebranding does not mean just superficial change of brand logo. You must look further and see the big picture. Otherwise, public will be bored when you explain how the fonts is replaced and what the meaning of that is. Visual change is critical as a symbol of change but it is not all. Instead, give a lecture what your vision is and the innovation means in general.

2.2. trends?

– Everyone of a Kind
Customers expect more customized products and services.

Brands Will Get Emotional
Brands must resonate with customers emotionally.

– Non-Fiction Storytelling
Real stories differentiate a company with other competitors.

3. Good and bad examples of brand management.

3.1. Good examples.


FedEx is the best good example of rebranding.
There were a lot of names for lots of services before they innovated.
But in 1994, they consolidated their small brands to one simple name.

3.2. Bad examples.


GAP is one of failures in rebranding.
In 2010, they changed their logo but got back to the old one just in 6 days.
That’s because public opinion was against the new logo.
In fact, it was pretty fast turnarounds.








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