PBL2 : Integrated Marketing Communication

PBL 2 : Integrated Marketing Communication

Problem: What is IMC?
Definition: Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is the application of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels and using different promotional [disambiguation needed] methods to reinforce each other. [Wikipedia]

Learning Objectives

1. How to communicate the value proposition through channels?

1.1 Value Proposition?
Definition: A value proposition(VP) is a promise of value to be delivered and acknowledged and a belief from the customer that value will be delivered and experienced. A value proposition can apply to an entire organization, or parts thereof, or customer accounts, or products or services.  [Wikipedia]


Step 1: Customer Identification from Behavioral Data

Step2 : Valuation of Customers and Prospects

Step3 : Creating and Deliverting Messages and Incentives

Step4 : Estimating Return on Customer Investment

Step5 : Budgeting, Allocation Evaluation, and Recycling

2. How to integrate different channels to send a coherent message?


Level 1: Tactical Coordination and Marketing Communications
This level focuses on delivering “one sight, one sound” via marketing communication.
Level 2: Redefining the Scope of Marketing Communication
Level 3: Application of Information Technology
Level 4: Financial and Strategic Integration

3. How to manage challenges in IMC?
(The question number 3 answer is the same as number 2 because challenges in IMC is sending a consistent message via different channels.)

4. Good and bad examples of IMC.

4.1 Good example of IMC – Hyundai Card “Make Break Make” Brand Advertisement

Hyundai Card spread and put up posters at the Korea hot place;Hongdae and Gangnam before launching their official commercial. They did to be seemed like a real music album.


Hyundai Card Official Commercial

The following is a brief explanation of the advertisement.

‘MC Yupgilosae X Hyundai Card’ project was created to enable young people to enjoy and spread ‘make break make’, Hyundai Card’s corporate philosophy, more easily.

The climax of this campaign is a release of ‘make break make’ as hiphop rap song and music video, with the spirit of ‘make break make’ in it, sung by a rapper ‘MC Yupgilosae, newly found by Hyundai Card.

The very direct translation of the name of the rapper, ‘MC Yupgilosae’ is “leak to the sideway”. ‘Sae’ in the name means 2 things — as a noun, it means ‘bird’ and as a verb, it means ‘leak’ and ‘get sidetracked’. With these double meanings, we have decided to use a bird as our rapper, naming him as ‘MC Yupgilosae’ and our overall campaign message has become ‘Don’t go to the way so predictable. Get sidetracked.”

It attracted 2.7 million  views within 2 weeks and 5 million views after 2 months on YouTube.

In a magazine, they put their advertisement looking not advertisement but an interview.

Bird Interview

The bird on VIDEO had his page on Facebook. After the official advertisement period ended, the bird announced his retirement on his facebook.


4.2. Bad examples of IMC – New Coke(1985)


Schultz, Don E.; Schultz, Heidi F. (1998). “Transitioning marketing communication into the twenty-first century”. Journal of Marketing Communications

Schultz, Don E.; Schultz, Heidi F. “Solving Marketing Problems with an Integrated Process”.







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