PBL1 : Storytelling

PBL 1 : Storytelling

Trigger : Google search reunion

Problem : Effective Corporate Communication through Storytelling

Learning Objectives

1. What are the external/internal goals in corporate communication?

According to Antra Volujevica, corporate external/internal communication is critical: “Communication tends to be one of the least favorable aspects in of an organization’s performance in employee surveys” (Healthcare Executive, p.59). Edwards (2009) have pointed out the importance of external communication, that it drives and attempts to increase recruits’ and customers awareness of the organization and reputation. And in the same time, internal communication is a major concern for inside organizations, as if poorly performed, may lead to the workplace inefficiency (Welch, Jackson, 2007).

2. What tools/channels can be used in corporate communication?

a. How to use emotion in corporate branding/sending a message?

Many companies are trying to stimulate potential customer’s emotion. That’s because emotion plays a significant role when decision-making.

Ex. INCRUIT Campaign

This commercial appeals to emotion strongly showing warm father and son/daughter relationship. It makes for audience to burst into tears.
(INCRUIT is a company related to job-seeking. They provides people looking for a job corporations’ information.)

b. How to create an effective story?

1) Structure


Keith Quesenberry found that the more story followed a Freytag’s Pyramid(Picture1), the more successful Super Bowl commercials were. The Freytag’s Pyramid consists of Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Falling action and Resolution. It dates as far back as Aristotle times. Shakespeare is venerated all over the world for his plays. That’s because he satisfied five acts of the structure.

Ex. Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial – “Puppy Love”

2) Contents

According to Alan Hall(2012), the best content of story is about an entrepreneur: “Winning entrepreneurs bond emotionally with employees, investors and customers–and dramatically increase their chances for funding and for long term success–when they hone their ability to tell meaningful stories about their businesses.”

Ex. Steve Jobs – Founder of Apple Inc.
This is not a commercial for Apple but they took advantage of their entrepreneur effectively. They always refered to Steve jobs and spread episodes in relation to him. That’s why I attached this video clip. It represents the most memorable moment and continues to echo down over and over.

(Full Version of Video Clip above)


Antra Volujevica. (2012). “ROLE OF INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION.” Aarhus University, Denmark.

Daniel McDuff, Rana El Kaliouby, Evan Kodra, Laurent Larguinet. (2013) “DO EMOTIONS IN ADVERTISING DRIVE SALES?”. MIT Media Lab.

Harrison Monarth. (2014). “The Irresistible Power of Storytelling as a Strategic Business Tool.” Harvard Business Review. 

Alan Hall. (2012). “Companies With The Best Stories Win: 10 Key Points For Telling Your Story.” Forbes.


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